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Kelly Home Inspection
provides pre-purchase home inspections for the Verde Valley, Sedona and surrounding areas. Your decision to buy should be based on solid facts provided to you by a highly qualified home inspector. Virtually every property has defects that may be unknown to the seller or overlooked by the buyer. For many years I have been helping buyers reduce their risk in purchasing a home.

In most cases (my estimate is about 90%), a good home inspection doesn't cost you money, it saves you money. I had a client tell me recently that another inspector had spent 10 hours at the home he was selling and didn't find nearly what I found in 4 hours on a subsequent inspection on the same home.

He wasn't happy that my inspection had resulted in a $25,000 reduction in the sale price, but he hired me for the home he was now buying (apparently hoping for simlar results). He wasn't dissapointed. He walked away from that home and told me I saved him thousands.

Now, all homes aren't "money pits" but what appears to be a great deal can end up costing you much more in the long run. I firmly believe you should go into the purchase with the best possible knowledge of anticipated expenses.

Although the home inspection is intended to convey the condition of the home to the buyer and not intended to be a repair list for the seller, it has become a great bargaining chip. That's how it saves you money.

I joked with this same client and told him that I should have considered early on doing home inspections on a contingency fee, charging a percentage of the money saved on the purchase. He told me I would be a rich man by now.
Nice words from a nice client, but I can save you money too.

I have done several inspections for that client over 16 years. He understands that I charge a bit more than the other local inspectors and he understands why. If you are looking for the cheapest way to go, don't bother with an inspection at all. If you are looking for the least expensive, choose the best.

The bottom line is, will your inspection save you money or cost you money?
Does the inspector have the experience and spend the time necessary to identify a potential money pit and utilize the latest technology to uncover problems?

Do you know what is the most common, most costly, and most difficult to identify issue we run up against (almost on a daily basis)? Read more about thermal imaging Here.

Kelly Home Inspection will catalog and describe the condition of the home in an easy to understand, very detailed report. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, I can help you make an informed decision!

Inspected Items Include:

  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Attic and Insulation
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Interior and Exterior
  • Site Drainage and Runoff Issues

I now offer the newest breakthrough building inspection technology, Thermal Imaging / Thermography / Infrared!

Click Here

The image below shows the visual view of a laundry room wall followed by the infrared view.  The dark blue / purple areas in the thermal image are the damp areas in or behind the wall.


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