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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access my report?
Reports are emailed to the client, usually within 12 hours of the inspection. The reports are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader or a similar program for access.

Do you provide copies to selling agents, listing agents and sellers?

Your report is your property and the property of Kelly Home Inspection and is confidential. We generally email the report to your agent (unless you request that we do not). We cannot provide copies for other third parties unless you request us to do so.


Can the agent or seller use my report if I decline to purchase the home?
Not legally. The report is copyrighted and use by a third party is illegal. In addition, anyone providing the report to a third party becomes liable for the contents of the report. My liability is to the client that signed the pre-inspection agreement only.

Should I attend the Inspection?
You are welcome to attend the inspection, however, it is not necessary. I believe my report is one of the easiest to understand in the industry. Supporting photos are included as needed and a comprenhensive summary is included. Some clients tell us the inspection report is like "receiving an owners manual for the home".
If you have questions about any item, you are free to call or e-mail.

Do you check to be sure the home is up to current building code?
o. The inspection is not a code inspection. The primary concern of the inspector is the functionality and safety of the home and the need for major repairs. In many areas, codes were not adopted until fairly recently. In addition, different municipalities use different codes and enforce specific codes based on the opinion of the municipal inspector. Obviously, since most building codes are based on safety and functionality, there is much overlap, however, we do not cite code in the report.

Do I need to have my brand new home inspected, there is a builders warranty?
It is true that Arizona has a builders warranty on new homes. It is also true that some structural issues or defects may be present but may not show up for a year or so, however, a home inspection may save you some hassles. Every new home has a number of items in need of repair or adjustment, doors that won't latch, minor drain leaks, uncaulked areas, etc. You would doubtless discover these items shortly after possesion, however, your bargaining position is better before close of escrow. In addition, I routinely find items that the new owner may never be aware of, improper flue clearances, miswired receptacles, unsealed or missing flashings, the list goes on. If you elect not to have your new home inspected, I highly recommend an inspection before the builders warranty period is up.


Do you help negotiate the repairs?
No. That is the job of the client and their Realtor. We will provide a comprehensive report listing and explaining defficiencies, needed repairs and maintenance. At that point, the client and agent must decide which items are reasonable to request for repair or replacement and present these to the seller. Often the choice is made to re-negotiate the price of the home in lieu of seller repairs.

Will you re-inspect after the items are repaired?
I will, but it is discouraged for several reasons.
I cannot determine if the repairs were done by a licensed contractor or are guaranteed. It is generally better to have the seller provide you with reciepts.
I cannot necessarily tell if an issue has been properly addressed. For instance, I may observe staining in the attic area and recommend repairs by a roofer, however, I may not be able to determine if the repairs are effective.
Similarly, a non functional air conditioner may operate for a short time after the refrigerant is replaced, however, the leakage may not have been repaired. I recommend all repairs be carried out by licensed contractors or technicians and guaranteed.
For what you get, it is expensive. The cost to provide a reinspection has to include scheduling, travel time, inspection time and a short report. Often this prevents scheduling a home inspection on that day.

Can you do the repairs that you recommend?
No. It is a conflict of interest for a home inspector to recommend repairs and subsequently perform repairs.

Can I pay for my inspection at the close of escrow?
As a general rule, I do not bill to escrow. Often, the escrow is cancelled due to the problems I uncover. I then have no recourse for payment. In some instances I will bill to escrow if it is secured with a credit card. A $50 fee applies.

Do you inspect manufactured homes or mobile homes?
Due to limitations of my Professional Liability insurance, I can only inspect manufactured homes that are 12 years or less of age.

Why do you need the Pre-Inspection signed and returned prior to delivery of the report?
The pre-inspection agreement contains information on the scope of the inspection. It is important that you understand these limitations prior to the inspection. In addition, it is required by my licensing board, the Arizona Board of Technical Registration.

The price seems high for a few hours of work, why is that?
What seem to you, the client, to be a few hours of work is actually more like 6 - 8 on a 2000 square foot home when you consider scheduling, travel time, inspection, report writing and support after the inspection. In addition, Home inspector liability insurance rates are higher than most professions. I spend one day a week on continuing education and paperwork. I try to keep my prices in line with the actual time spent on the job.

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