Words From Past Clients

We have used Kelly Home Inspections on four different real estate transactions, and each time Fritz Kelly found important construction details to help us make the best decisions in our negotiations with the sellers.  Fritz is professional, very knowledgeable about the local building practices, and great to work with.  We recently worked with one of the central Arizona roofing companies, and the owner stated that he had seen a number of Fritz’s home inspection reports in the past, and that those reports have always been very thorough.  If you are purchasing anywhere in the Verde Valley and don’t want to regret your home buying decision later, we absolutely recommend using Kelly Home Inspections for your real estate purchase. 
Dan and Eileen Westphal

Hi Fritz, It was good to meet you too.  Thank you for your excellent work and your generous sharing of explanations and information. I feel much more qualified to understand and care for this home thanks to you. Best Regards
Thank you for such a thorough and complete report. Look forward to
meeting you when we move to Sedona.

Hello Fritz,
Just wanted to thank you for the superb inspection on this home.
I will be down the end of March and if I need any clarifications, I hope it is all right if I call you.
Again, I heard you were the best and now I know it!

Now that I have read and memorized every word of the report and supplemental suggestions, I can offer mega-thanks for a spectacular product.  The text is clear, the photos valuable, and the suggestions great to have spelled out.  My wife and I were able to follow the overall flow very well, thanks to your good counsel on-site.

Fritz, the home inspection report is Excellent, photo's help alot.

Hi Fritz:
Thank you so much, it was very nice meeting you, too! You're very nice plus really professional.
Really appreciate you sending the contractor list and explanations. 
Will keep in touch and recommend you to clients in the future.

Although my client canceled his escrow based on the report, he said that it was the best by far, inspection report he has ever seen.
We are going to focus on a different property.

Hi, Fritz! 
Well, we finally closed on xxxxxxx and are now in the process of addressing the major and minor flies in the ointment you enumerated in your excellent report. Again, thanks for the fun read.

Thank you very much for getting this done so quickly. I thought when I took the report home and showed it to my wife, she may decide that there is too much to do and not want the house any longer. She just held your report us and said that I already have a honey do list for the house, and we don’t even own it yet.
I really do appreciate your thoroughness. Especially with the fire and electrical issues. It would probably have been a very long time before I got in the attic and found the wiring issues, or the vent issues.
Xxxxxx was right when she recommended you to do the inspection.

Thanks Fritz for your excellent service and thorough work. I especially appreciate your candid and unbiased recommendations regarding my
questions. Also thank you for the contractor referrals.

Thanks again for such a thorough report.

Good morning Fritz,
I am very impressed with your overall inspection presentation Fritz, but even more happy that there does not appear to be (at least to me) any serious, expensive repairs or corrections for me to make. I like your photographs and recommendation approach as well.

Dear Fritz, 
We could not have asked for a more thorough job. Thank you so much, it was a bit nerve wracking committing to this property sight unseen and now I feel much relieved. I am so happy to have found my Sedona home away from home!

Dear Fritz,
Thank you first for your diligence and delivery inspection results as promised. I will review first thing in AM.

Thanks, Fritz. Again, I appreciate your quick response. (Now I know why Mr. xxxxx recommended you when I grabbed him by the necktie and said : "xxxxx! I want the best home inspector in Sedona!") We will let things ride for the time being per your suggestion(s). 
PS. And that was one nice tie xxxxx was wearing!

Thanks again. Another great job. We may give you a call when we dive into the report this evening. At first glance, I did not see anything that was a big surprise.

Good Morning Fritz,
It was an absolute pleasure working with you and we have every confidence you are the best, as xxxx says you are.

Thank you. This is exceptional work. I appreciate you attention to detail. And I will certainly use and recommend infrared imaging on all future inspections. The technology is invaluable and well worth the investment.

Nice job. 
Thank you very much.

You did a thorough and comprehensive inspection of xxxxxxx. Great report.
Thank you very much.

Hi Fritz,
I got all the information and read your report. It all looks manageable, thank goodness! I have to thank you for such a good, comprehensive and easy-to-understand report. The pictures make a big difference, too. Your explanations and recommendations were all very clear and to the point. I can really use this information!

Thanks Fritz - I would recommend you to everybody!!

Hi Fritz,
Thank you again for providing us with first-rate service!

Dear Mr. Kelly,
Thank you so much for your elegant and apprently very thorough report. 
Xxxxxx has been most kind and gracious through this process, and recommended you very highly. Your report seems to exceed even his glowing predictions, and I am most grateful.

Hi Fritz,
we received the report and are quite impressed. Thank you very much!
We will work through it today and then forward our repair requests to the seller. If I have any more questions, I will contact you, but as promised on your website, your report is very detailed and clear.
Thanks again,

Hi Fritz :-)
Thank you so much for spending so much time with xxxx & I yesterday! It was great to see you again too. Your expertise helped to confirm for us that this property would burry us financially in repairs. I guess this would be referred to as a money pit?! Xxxxx & I have made the decision to cancel the escrow and not purchase.

Thank you Fritz, it was pleasure meeting and working with you. Your attention to detail and explanations were invaluable.

Thanks for the great report. You are very thorough and you report was easy to read and the pictures made a huge difference. Thanks for the fantastic job on this.

Thanks for a great report. I appreciate your timeliness and your professionalism.

Fritz ~ You did a very thorough and insightful inspection. Thank you so much!

Dear Fritz,
The Buyers on xxxxx are thrilled with the quality of your report and can’t thank me enough for recommending you to them.
I just received these photos showing the “completed” plumbing work and would love your opinion if it looks up to snuff.
Once again, thank you for your diligence with this one.

Thanks for doing this for us; excited moving to AZ!!

Thank you for the thorough examination and the very well written report. Your good work is appreciated.

Hi Fritz,
Thank you so much for your prompt, detailed report. It will be very helpful when we remodel/service the home.

Thanks, Fritz. You certainly are efficient and speedy! I appreciate all that you told me and also the supplemental information. I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know who is in the market for an inspection.

We sure are enjoying our home at xxxx. Thanks again for the great inspection you provided and the peace of mind it gave us.

Thanks so much, Fritz. The report and the supplement are excellent -- very detailed -- we couldn't imagine a having a better inspection.

Thank you for this report! I will forward it on to our Sales Agent, xxxxx. He requested that he receive a copy.
In the meantime…you have clients (us) who really appreciate your professional capabilities in ascertaining the “health state” of a home!
Look forward to seeing you again in Sedona!

Hi Fritz,
Thank you for the great report and supplemental information!!

Thank you, Mr. Kelly. We appreciate your very timely report and must add that it really eased our minds!
Thanks, too, for the thoroughness of your inspection and the recommendations you made.

Dear Fritz,
Thanks for your expertise and the education on Swamp coolers. I appreciate you doing the job so quickly and letting me ask so many questions. All the best.

Thanks again Fritz for "going the extra mile" on the dry wall. We sure appreciate your thoroughness. It is wonderful to work to work with someone who really cares about his/her business and the quality of the work that comes out of it. That value is getting getting pretty rare these days.

Thanks so much for your help and attention to detail yesterday, and speedy turnaround! This is definitely a home inspection that makes me feel more informed and able to move forward.

We appreciate your diligence and sage advice.
Thanks for a job well executed.

Thank you for your report. I appreciate its timeliness and thoroughness.


That is a terrific and detailed report. It is well-worth cost, and it will provide me plenty of projects on my upcoming visits.

And my personal favorite:
Hi Fritz,
Did I pay you for the inspection yet?


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